A Raw Deal for the Good Egg.

Goodness. Poor eggs. Why do they get such a bad rap in this country? In “New route to a healthy heart” (editorial, June 18), once again the assumption is made that eggs are bad for us because they are high in cholesterol.

How can eggs be bad when they’re rich in lecithin, which is high in choline and inositol, substances that not only make brains work better but emulsify fats and lower elevated cholesterol? Lecithin protects the cardiovascular system.

By now we all know that there’s both good and bad cholesterol, and lecithin egg yolks is the good cholesterol. So I don’t know why eggs continue to get a bad rap. I like the suggestion of “yoga and yolks” —yolks without fear or guilt. Here’s to the sponge cake my mother used to make for breakfast with lots of eggs served with fresh berries of all kinds. Yum.